Unlocking More Revenue for Property Managers and their Homeowners

Now and post-pandemic, Property Managers are challenged to retain and grow their base of clients. Many Homeowners are newly under severe economic pressure and forced to consider online services or even self-management.

Ambio provides Property Managers with an exclusive value-add to help improve client retention, build relationships, and grow their portfolio of properties under management. With Ambio, Property Managers are better tooled to set themselves apart in a very difficult market and compete against ALL types of property management competition.


Here’s how this very simple and unique private reservation channel works


Following enrollment in the Ambio program, Property Managers decide:

  • Specific properties and offered nights to include in the program
  • Which nightly rate and Ambio rate tier level applies to each offered room night
  • Ambio Rate Levels — Tier-1 (75% of published rate), Tier-2 (50% of published rate), or Tier-3 (25% of published rate)

The homeowner is now an Ambio member, their property is immediately available for booking by other Ambio members, and their membership account provides them with access to private discounted Ambio Rates at participating hotels and vacation homes.

An Example Booking

  • ambio-numbers-01

    A member searches for a vacation home or hotel through the Ambio platform that lists offered Ambio Rates for your properties. Their reservation request is forwarded to you for final confirmation.

  • ambio-numbers-02

    The reservation is then booked through the Ambio platform, you collect the nightly rate from the traveling member, and then remit 20% of the nightly rate to Ambio as a reservation fee..

  • ambio-numbers-03

    Once a traveling member is connected with you, all aspects of the stay are within your control. As with a conventional rate guest, all taxes, miscellaneous charges, and supplemental revenue are collected by you with no additional reservation fee paid to Ambio.


Benefits of Ambio’s private reservation channel include


Reduce vacancies/increase bookings and generate supplemental revenue through otherwise unoccupied nights.

All Ambio Rate reservations are subject to your specific reservation, deposit, and cancellation policies.

Exposure exclusively to experienced travelers representing the top one-third of household incomes.  The majority of members are second homeowners introduced to the program through their property management company.

No cost, easy-to-use platform that keeps you in complete control of your inventory.  You set and adjust Ambio Rates and all reservations require your confirmation before they are finalized.

We protect your published rates.   Ambio members receive discounted rates that are available only on the private reservation channel.

Additional Benefits for Property Managers

Ambio provides Property Managers a highly unique approach to not only reach the top echelon of travelers, but to provide them an incentive to do business with you. Through Ambio, you can return to profitable cash flow faster by monetizing unbooked room nights.

There are no up-front costs or subscription fees, and enrollment takes just a few minutes. This program is only available to rental property homeowners through invitation by their professional property management company, which increases your competitiveness and homeowner stickiness.


Getting Started

You can be the first in your area to have access to the membership program that will enhance your business and have a positive impact on your occupancy and net revenue.

Please provide some general information to get started. There is no cost. There is no downside.  We'd love the opportunity to partner with you!

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Build your reputation and your portfolio by increasing existing homeowner satisfaction and attracting new homeowners with additional rental revenue and discounted hotel and vacation home lodging.