Unlocking More Revenue for Hotels

Even prior to the pandemic, the hospitality industry struggled to move more inventory, having billions of dollars in unused room nights. This inventory sits idle largely due to limitations with existing channels that leverage a single, published, cash price.

Now and post-pandemic, Hotels will continue to be challenged to retain and grow both occupancy and revenues. The hospitality business is under severe economic pressure and forced to consider drastic measures, including reduced published rates.

Although reducing published rates generates short term cash flow, reducing prices has a lasting impact and erodes property values to unprofitable levels.


Ambio offers a highly unique approach to reach the top echelon of travelers, other hotel owners, managers and personnel, and provide them with an incentive to do business with you. Ambio is a simple booking platform that eliminates published-price barriers, increases booking velocity, and makes the world’s top lodging options more accessible to a select group of Members.


Return to Profitability by Monetizing Unbooked Room Nights


Ambio is an exclusive private reservation channel designed to help improve occupancy and revenues while protecting published rates. Only Ambio Members will be able to see and book AmbioRates.

There are no up-front costs or subscription fees, and enrollment takes just a few minutes.


Here’s how this very simple and unique private reservation channel works


  • Hotel decides specific room types and nights to include in the program
  • AmbioRate is a 40% discount to rack rate
  • The Ambio Member makes the reservation directly with the hotel and Ambio collects it 17% of room rate after the stay

Ambio Benefits All

Your hotel property is immediately available for booking by Ambio Members, and your membership account provides your property with access to private discounted AmbioRates at other participating hotels.

Hotel properties become Members and can book AmbioRate stays for their owners, managers, and their employees at any of the properties listed on the Ambio platform.

An Example Booking

  • ambio-numbers-01

    A Member searches for an Ambio Rate through the Ambio platform. They make their reservation on your platform and under your terms and conditions.

  • ambio-numbers-02

    You collect the nightly rate from the Member and then remit 17% of the nightly rate to Ambio as a reservation fee after their stay.

  • ambio-numbers-03

    All aspects of the stay are within your control. As with a conventional rate guest, all taxes, miscellaneous charges, and supplemental revenue are collected by you with no additional reservation fee paid to Ambio.


Benefits of Ambio’s private reservation channel include


Reduce vacancies/increase bookings and generate supplemental revenue through otherwise unoccupied nights.

Exposure exclusively to experienced travelers representing the top tier of household incomes and industry travelers

No cost, easy-to-use platform that keeps you in complete control of your inventory. You set the nights for AmbioRate offers and all reservations are made on your site and you collect all payments

We protect your published rates. Ambio members receive discounted rates that are available only on the private reservation channel and not available or visible to the general public.


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