Ambio Social Initiative

Ambio’s private marketing channel and robust booking platform are timely and groundbreaking, elegantly connecting private Ambio Members with deep discounted hotels rooms.


There’s more to the story and important additional value to be delivered.

Every year, up to half of all hotel rooms go unoccupied, increasing carrying costs, lessening profits, and adding stress. During the Covid-19 crisis, vacancies have skyrocketed with uncertainty as to when travel might return to normal.

Meanwhile, donations to charities have fallen and are expected to be challenging for the foreseeable future.

The Ambio Social Initiative (ASI) is an innovative social enterprise program that facilitates:

  • 1 Charity organization access to excess hotel lodging nights for auctions and other fund-raising activities.
  • 2 Hotels outreach to a valuable market segment for a real social return and differentiation for their property.

Ambio’s goal is to generate $10m or more per year for charities

How It Works - 3 Simple Steps

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    Charities sign up through the ASI Program Portal’s Rapid Enrollment System (linked to main Ambio website), making it fast and simple to find valuable fundraising assets.

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    Charities can then leverage real-time information on available properties (location, dates of availability, amenities, etc.) to reserve potential charity bookings for inclusion in their auctions and other fundraisers (reservation rules apply).

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    Once a room is auctioned off, the charity denotes the booking in the ASI Program Portal, Ambio sends the charity a confirmation and digital redemption voucher with instructions, and generates a tax-deduction letter for the lodging provider.

Benefits to Hotels

  • High-value guests (charity auction bidders)
  • Hotels receive additional property spend
  • Free media lift to thousands
  • Tax deduction for used room nights

Benefits to Charities

  • Revenue generation from charity auctions
  • Access to the exclusive Ambio network
  • Differentiated fundraising offer
  • Turnkey program with simple administration

*Ambio earns a small program fee for each booking to cover administrative costs

Program Administration


ASI is coordinated by an Ambio board advisor and social enterprise expert with deep industry knowledge and national nonprofit connections who has identified and is vetting third-party nonprofit clearinghouses that can manage the ASI program, including building and managing the ASI Program Portal, nonprofit marketing, enrollment, ongoing communications, reporting, and auditing.  Bookings are reported monthly to the Ambio CEO and totaled in an annual ASI annual report.