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Ambio aims to reduce unsold room nights through a unique approach that privately connects hotels with high-value travelers, increasing bookings without OTA involvement.

Directly Engage a New Audience

Ambio's social influence-based technology offers a significant advantage to hotels by providing selective access to potential travelers based on their social media communities.

Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, among other social media platforms, have an enormous user base, including several potential hotel customers with a high lifetime value.

By leveraging Ambio's technology, hotels can create exclusive marketing campaigns aimed at a much more focused audience than traditional distribution channels.

Ambio's sophisticated data analytics help hotels identify and target specific customer segments, allowing them to deliver their marketing messages to the right people at the right time.

How It Works

  • Ambio technology directly connects in real-time via API to the platforms used by top social influencers and content creators for travel
  • Influencers and creators connect with Ambio to access your offers, promote the platform, and increase both follower count and engagement, ultimately driving the long-term value of their business
  • Ambio uses user-approved data1 to assemble and refresh attributes, enabling you to organize offers by creator, traveler-type, and other options
  • You establish Ambio rate codes, connect to the private membership platform, and control which rates and offers are available to Ambio members
  • Ambio then brings selected Members directly to your website and hotel booking engine, bypassing third-party OTA channels and increasing the travelers potential lifetime value
  • Your Ambio rate offers are available only to Members who and only on your booking engine and are not published elsewhere.
  • You own the customer relationship and reduce the cost and risk of collection by keeping reservations in-house.
  • You are in control of the nightly rates and can also display bundled offers that showcase F&B and other fee-based amenities, increasing overall guest spend.

1 Ambio’s technology platform ensures strict adherence to privacy laws to ensure the protection of all personal information.

Ambio Rates

You decide how widely to distribute rate codes - to all members, specific market segments, or niche-targeted campaigns. You control which room types and nights to include in each offer.

Ambio understands members' preferences and ensures competitive, appealing offers to promote high conversion rates. This is achieved with a free cancellation policy, if canceled at least 24-hours in advance, and by leveraging three Ambio Rates.

Ambio Deep Discount Rate:  40% discount on a room’s posted rate; best offered when some inventory will not be occupied.

Ambio Certificate Rate:  Posted rate along with a nightly certificate for the bar, restaurant, or spa, valued at $50/night; best offered to increase the total value for the guest, ultimately resulting in more in-house revenue.

Ambio Elite Rate:  This rate can be combined with Deep Discount or Certificate offers, or combined with a different posted rate; best used with Elite brand customers: free breakfast, room upgrade if available, early check-in, and late check-out.

What’s the Cost?

Ambio charges a flat 15% commission on all platform bookings, regardless of property size or volume. Influencers receive a percentage of this commission based on tracked stays from their social media followers.

Direct bookings through Ambio reduce settlement processing risks and costs compared to traditional distribution channels.

Ambio's single 15% fee also reduces marketing and distribution costs for hotels, compared to prevailing third-party commissions of 15-25% for large chains and 20-35% for small and mid-sized hotels.

The setup process is straightforward and does not require additional IT staff or training.

Ambio's hotel-friendly model is designed to be easily managed by small teams without adding complexity.

Ambio Benefits Everyone

Ambio's unique approach works with each Hotel's current CRS and API structures, even for Hotels with custom systems and access needs.

Our team will work with you to determine the most effective approach for a connection.

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