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Social Media Outreach that FILLS Unsold Rooms

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Content Creators

Provide Greater Value to Engage YOUR Followers



Book Dream Destinations Easier and Within Budget!


Ambio helps you identify new, high-value travelers and fill unsold rooms without burdening your Marketing team.


Of Hotel Rooms Currently Go UNSOLD

How will Ambio enhance your Hotel’s bottom line?

An average of 36.6% of the 17.5 million global hotel rooms remain unsold every day.

With an average ADR of $140 expected for 2023, hotels will likely forego $879B of potential revenue this year alone.

Ambio has developed technology and strategy allowing hotels to capture a share of this potential revenue and attract new, high-value customers through the Social Media Travel Channels they already follow and trust.

The market is changing FAST. Millennials now make up more than 51% of all hotel occupancy, and this number will only grow. Social Media influences more than 70% of all Millennial and Gen-Z purchases. Social Marketing is the critical tool to inspire and capture new customers.

Ambio connects your hotel directly with growing Social Media influencer channels to effectively target potential customers in your ideal market segments.

  • Expand and target offers to the growing Millennial and Gen-Z customer base.
  • Profitably sell otherwise unsold inventory at Ambio rates
  • Use your hotel’s direct booking engine and avoid settlement risk
  • Protect published rates utilizing Ambio’s private member channel
  • Compliment existing distribution channels and reduce distribution costs

Content Creators

Attract More Followers with Exclusive Offers Tailored to YOUR Audience


How Many NEW FOLLOWERS Do You Want?

Are you a Content Creator looking to grow your business?

As a creator, you understand the importance of genuine engagement for achieving success.

Ambio offers a solution to elevate your engagement to the next level by tapping into a distinct and uncomplicated private reservation channel.

Ambio empowers you to provide your followers with exclusive value that they can't access elsewhere, fostering an engaged and loyal audience.

Ambio technology gives you access to hidden offers that you can share with your followers, granting them direct access to wholesale pricing for premium properties in top destinations around the globe!

You create offer-related content and your engagement rates rise as Followers click on your Reels, Stories, and Posts.

The best part is that you earn a commission from the booking values each follower generates!

  • Increase Engagement Rates and deliver unmatched value to your followers.
  • Give back to your Followers exclusive, unique, and custom tailored offers they can't find ANYWHERE else.
  • Increase your income with hotels sending you a commission of hotel booking value from YOUR followers.
  • Attract NEW Followers to your Social Media Channels with offers designed around what your tribe is looking for.


Discover Hidden Discounts and Offers BEFORE Everyone Else Even Starts Planning

Save Up To


Or More OFF Your Next Dream Booking

Ambio makes dream destinations simple to find and book without hours of research

Are you interested in gaining access to hidden travel deals?

Did you know that top hotels and properties worldwide have an average of 36.6% unsold rooms every day that they would love to fill, even at a discount?

However, conventional booking sites and distribution channels are visible to everyone.

As a result, hotels risk compromising the value of their property by advertising steep discounts to the general public.

As a Millennial or Gen-Z traveler, you embody the future for top global properties. Hotels are eager to make tailored offers that suit your preferences and fill empty rooms, but how can they reach such a niche market?

Enter Ambio Technology, which links you with these incredible offers via the social media influencers you already follow and trust.

No longer will you have to settle for generic, one-size-fits-all vactions. Ambio offers unique offers that align with your lifestyle and preferences.

  • Save up to 35% or more at top Hotels and unique global travel destinations
  • Access unique and private offers created for travelers like you through the Content Creators you already follow and trust.
  • Book directly with Hotels you love to earn more loyalty points.
  • Free cancelations up to 24-hours in advance of check-in.
  • Customize notifications so you are first to know about limited offers on your favorite destinations.

Travelers join Ambio for Free!

Don’t let another member-exclusive offer to your dream destination leave without you.