Accelerate Your Return to Profitable Cash Flow

Analysts agree that travel markets will slowly return with volumes and booking baselines remaining much lower for some time than levels seen pre-pandemic.  In this challenging environment, it’s critical to identify new and creative ways to monetize your room night inventory to accelerate the return of profitable cash flow.


A Unique Approach to Increase Occupancy

Traditional channels, such as OTAs, will be flooded with inventory as markets return.  Even with private channels, your offers could be lost in the noise when relying on traditional ‘push-marketing’.

Ambio offers a highly unique approach to not only reach the top echelon of travelers but to provide them an incentive to do business with you. Through Ambio, you can return to profitable cash flow faster by monetizing unbooked room nights.


A Simple Program with Deep Value


Ambio is a membership-based private reservation channel for professionally managed vacation rental properties and hotels that is very simple to understand and use.

Membership is restricted to participating Property Managers, their Homeowners, and Hotels who place inventory into the channel. Offered inventory is available for booking under an Ambio Rate: a reduced nightly rate available only to members which protects full rates published through other channels.

Members are able to set their own Ambio Rates for each room night offering and gain private access to offered inventory at other participating properties.

Benefits of the Ambio program include

  • Reduced vacancies/monetization of otherwise unbooked room nights
  • Exclusive exposure to affluent travelers representing the top one-third of household incomes
  • You directly collect all payments and act as merchant of record
  • Fast and easy to use platform that provides you with complete control of your inventory

Hotel Owners

Increase Rev-Par and marketplace exposure.


Social Impact

Generate greater net revenue for your nonprofit organization.