Attention Property Managers

Introducing a FREE Co-operative Vacation Rental Booking Platform

Compete With Hotels…. Get Increased Exposure In The Competitive Marketplace, Improve Relationships With Owners, and Increase Revenue By Reducing Commission Expenses

The Trouble With Being a Property Manager in Today’s Online World

According to an IBIS study last year, vacation rentals have seen a consistent 3.6% increase every year since 2011. However, while online booking channels have greatly expanded for PMCs, detailed information, reliable quality-ratings, and effective search/filter tools lag behind existing hotel standards, negatively impacting bookings.

Additionally, costs for using existing booking channels continue to increase as major players consolidate, affecting PMC profitability. PMCs can’t deliver value to homeowners for unoccupied time and property owners can easily self-market and avoid PMC costs.

AMBIO introduces the VR Collection

The revolutionary VR Collection co-operative online platform delivers global outreach without any booking costs or fees while providing renters the most advanced website to select the best property match in the least amount of time.

The VR Collection helps Property Management Companies:

AMBIO’s Patent-Pending Programs

The VR Collection

A no-commission B-to-C co-operative booking platform exclusively for PMCs

  • no booking fees or commissions
  • loyalty program for renters at no cost to PMC
  • each property displays the contact info for the PMC: all booking is done direct with the PMC
  • PMCs pay a fee of $1/month per listed property for marketing the VR Collection
  • marketing dollars will be used for digital and social media marketing and PR

AMBIO Rating System “ARS”

A trustworthy five-star rating system for vacation rental property elements and rooms

Ambio’s patent-pending system will be the global standard for VR presentation and booking.

  • PMCs provide a profile for each property using the Ambio cross-platform software
  • each property profile can be completed in less than 20 minutes by either the PMC or a third party
  • the ARS automatically creates a 1-5 Star rating based on profile data

Renter’s Personalized Wishlist

A patent-pending program revolutionizing property search through personalization

  • see detailed, qualitative ratings for each property and its elements
  • search, sort, filter and compare using personalized criteria
  • significantly reduce property selection time
  • identify the best property match with confidence
  • earn loyalty points

AMBIO Exchange Program

A non-reciprocal exchange platform extracts value from unused weeks

  • homeowners participate only through their PMC
  • PMC determines which weeks are offered for exchange
  • property owners receive Exchange Dollars valid for immediate use
  • additional Exchange Dollars may be earned for exchanges into the property
  • Ambio collects a fee for each exchange

Designed to Serve Property Managers

AMBIO provides an innovative platform that benefits property management companies while enhancing service and support options for their renters. Through the convergence of technology and human interaction, AMBIO will become the natural and transparent platform for current and next generation travel services.

Lead In The Competitive Marketplace

Offer potential renters more detailed property information and a better booking experience. Ambio's patent-pending personalization tools will create an easier, faster, more intuitive search process. As a result, the VR Collection will quickly become the premier platform for finding and booking vacation rentals.

Compete directly with hotels without incurring additional costs. Increase return bookings, and improve renter relationships through Ambio’s FREE renter loyalty program.

Build your reputation and your portfolio, attracting new owners and new properties. Market property profiles and descriptions in multiple languages to attract new streams of potential renters.

Strengthen Relationships With Owners

The Ambio Exchange program allows owners to realize real value from unoccupied time. It also offers existing and new owners substantial Exchange Dollars available for immediate use.

Improve homeowner “stickiness” through the Exchange by the long-term appeal of accruing and using Exchange Dollars to book personal stays. Dollars are automatically lost if a client terminate their management contract with you, so they will naturally want to retain your services.

Discourage self-management by offering owners both short- and long-term value when booking through you. The improved rental income will increase homeowner satisfaction and increase future bookings through you.

Increase Revenue and Control Your Booking Expenses

For all of this, AMBIO is charging no commission fees and no booking fees. The entire platform is FREE (see Program Costs below).

We expect that the VR Collection will quickly become the dominant platform for searching and booking VR properties, worldwide. Ambio’s patent-pending programs will make the VR Collection the easiest platform to use and it will naturally become the platform of choice for potential renters.

Eliminating fees will automatically increase net revenue, and will also attract an increase in renter traffic through the VR Collection, which will further increase bookings. And the loyalty program encourages repeat bookings, which also increases revenue, without requiring additional marketing costs.


AMBIO’s co-founders and advisors have drawn on decades of experience in second home, property management, travel agency, and hospitality industries to develop and validate this unique patent-pending system. US and PCT (international application) patents were filed last April.

AMBIO’s programs will transform and make efficient the fast-growing global VR business. The scalability, stickiness and value of the free AMBIO programs will allow PMCs to attract and retain more properties and create greater value for all participants.

Program Costs

All Ambio’s programs are free* and available only to PMC properties.
The VR Collection, a B-to-C co-operative booking platform, is structured as follows:

*For properties participating in the Ambio Exchange program: otherwise use of the Ambio platform costs $50/property per year

Sign-up Sheet

If you’re interested, or even just curious about AMBIO’s offerings, please provide some general information and we will keep you updated as we move towards the platform launch.

There is no obligation, and if you like you can have input on the platform that is going to change the industry for the better and help your business thrive. There is no downside. Sign Up Today!